Education Consultancies

Consultancies offer individuals & organisations in education a great deal: objective viewpoints, challenges, inspiration, critical friendship, mentoring and help in exploring and mapping routes for crucial next steps.

Effective consultancies don’t come “off-the-shelf,” but are responsive to client needs, making best use of existing strengths.

They can focus on leadership, management, quality improvement, adaptation to change, communication, responsiveness, core activities, outcomes, quality systems or take a sharp but wide focus in the same way as an inspection would.

They can identify and lead to customised training, to mentoring of key staff, to collaborative re-design of structures and relationships, to audits of performance and of processes or to the promotion of inclusive or ethical policies /practices.

Dave offers free half-day sessions to discuss and specify future consultancy requirements.

Consultancies can last from one day to one week with targetted follow-on activities.

Consultancies can involve up to five additional practitioners using an external framework company, with additional resources and expertise in premises management, human resources, health and safety, ergonomics, finance, marketing and self-assessment.

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