Other Projects

“I have known Dave for several decades. We have shared the stage and collaborated on several creative projects that go way beyond mere artistic self-expression to engage diverse communities, artistic idioms and abilities. Dave is gifted with that special combination of incisive intellect, creative vision and humility that I rarely encounter among practitioners and arts organisations in my extensive travels. I believe this – combined with his personable demeanour – is the key to the great success of every project he creates, performs in, manages or curates.

Dave enjoys the challenge of making magic out of concealed resources. I do not know anybody in my vast networks who has a greater ability to turn as sharp as a British black taxi to respond to the most challenging request to conjure the wherewithal to deliver a dynamic creative event.”

Eugene Skeef – 2 May 2011

I like taking on project work . I produce, direct, devise, perform, present, communicate and facilitate. It’s an honour to be asked and a matter of honour to give back more than is expected in the asking.

A lot of enthusiasm and evangelism is involved, especially to do with traditional / roots music from the communities of the Mediterranean :

an example of broadcast work on music for Folkscene (BBC North Radio Merseyside):

an example of writing, for the Catalan Culture Ministry

(english version)

contribution to compilation of world music from Catalunya ( 2010):

Other music work:

the urban village:  (taster) (30 minute programme)

performance work includes site specific installations incorporating sound and music

cropcircleLiverpool Biennial 2010: commission for New Art Exchange /National Museums, Liverpool:

“What a Piece of Worke”

bringing together a seamless 5 hour performance with voices, images, rituals, objects, dance, Urban Crop Circles; the Surreal Orchestra; daVinci & Shakespeare; HighLife & Waltzes; Luddy, Mas’, Rangoli, the contemporary paintings in the National Museums on Merseyside Collection, guerrilla grabs of giant screens and gallery doorways, the outside of St George’s Hall, the inside of the Walker Art Gallery together with songs and traditional dance from  Brittany, Trinidad and the music of the spheres from South Africa.

“What a piece of worke is a Man…”  created the most magical end to the Long Night.

The 5 solo pieces at various sites around the shoreline DSCF5104of the Wirral peninsula  during the last 4 years form a  running rehearsal and part of the devising of a sound and textile installation for


completed between September and October 2017 and in a finished form in 2019

(private commission)


I also undertake the chairing of mediations and enquiries. Although the results are made public with full reporting on any malpractice, on breaches of the legal frameworks and on professional misconduct, the process is strictly confidential and meets the highest standards of probity and respect for those affected.


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